Water Testing in Northern Virginia

5 Reasons to Test your Tap Water

Are you curious or concerned about the drinking water quality at your home or office? Almost all water contains mild contaminants and minerals, but water is only considered safe to drink within certain levels established by the FDA (bottled water) and the EPA (drinking water). The best way to tell is to have it professionally tested. Let NoVA Environmental Solutions remove the guesswork about your water’s safety.

As a homeowner or business owner, it is critical to ensure your water is clean and safe to drink, whether it’s municipally supplied or from a well. Here are five reasons to have your water quality tested:

  1. Most pollutants have no noticeable taste, color, or smell.
  2. You use well water.
  3. You have older plumbing pipes made of copper or lead.
  4. Someone in your home or company has a compromised immune system or a chronic illness.
  5. It puts your mind at ease!

Most of us drink tap water daily and rarely give thought to it unless we see something or it tastes “off” or unusual. Regularly testing your water, whether you have a private well or use municipal water, helps keep you informed of any possible contaminants and treatment options. As an independent business, NoVA Environmental Solutions does not associate with any water treatment or filtration companies, allowing us to offer unbiased guidance. We ensure the highest test accuracy and quality standards by partnering with nationally accredited laboratories.

Our water quality tests typically test for Legionella, coliform bacteria, E. coli, nitrate/nitrite, arsenic, and more.

Make water quality tests part of your yearly home or company maintenance schedule. In addition to its safety benefits, annual testing will make it easier to monitor changes and keep your plumbing in top shape!

If you have questions or want a no-obligation quote for water testing, call (540) 645-6141 or email us at info@novaenvsol.com.

Contact NoVA Environmental Solutions and remove the guesswork about the safety of your water.