What is a Mold Post-Remediation Verification?

Post-remediation verification (PRV), sometimes referred to as a “clearance test”, is an inspection and assessment performed by NoVA Environmental Solutions after a mold remediation project to verify that the structure, system, and/or contents have been returned to “normal fungal ecology”. In other words, it is a third-party verification to make sure that the mold remediation was successful and has met professional standards and guidelines

Post-remediation verification include:

  • Visual inspection to verify that no visible mold is present, and there is no visible dust or debris is present
  • Moisture testing to verify that all materials have been adequately dried to inhibit re-growth of mold
  • Environmental Sampling and analysis to verify the structure, system, and/or contents have been returned to “normal fungal ecology”.

PRVs are conducted after the removal and cleanup of the mold has been completed (no earlier than 24 hours and preferably within 72 hours after the remediation is complete) and must performed PRIOR to the reconstruction of any building materials.

Communication and timing are critical. That is why we coordinate our efforts with our Clients as well as the Remediation Contractor to do our part to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Most reputable remediation contractors will warranty their work by “passing third-party testing”. However, we advise that the owner and the chosen Remediation Contractor establish financial responsibilities should the remediated areas “fail” the PRV visual inspection and/or subsequent analytical testing.

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If you are having mold remediation performed and want to have a Post Remediation Verification inspection CALL US or Request a Post Remediation Verification.

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NoVA Environmental Solutions takes pride in raising professional standards and ethics in the field of mold inspections and we back our work with our impeccable reputation, years of experience, and qualifications to ensure your structures meet safe, healthy standards.

As Certified and Licensed Mold Inspectors, we are professionally trained to:

  • Conduct a thorough Mold Inspection to assess both the presence of mold growth and the source of any underlying moisture that caused the mold growth.
  • Prepare a Mold Remediation Protocol in accordance with the latest industry standards and guidelines
  • Perform Post Remediation Verification (PRV) inspections and testing.

So, if you suspect mold growth, have a musty smell, or even if you are experiencing allergy-like symptoms or other mold related illnesses, CALL US or Request More Information. We are here to help.