Lead based paint was commonly used in buildings and homes constructed before 1978. 

Homeowners, landlords, facility managers, property managers, contractors and more are always faced with renovations or repairs that could impact lead-containing materials, especially in structures built before 1978. Lead is not only found in paint itself but can even be found in the glazing on ceramic tiles and bathtubs. 

Simply opening and closing old windows and doors containing lead paint can release lead dust. Demolishing an old bathroom with lead in the tile and tub glazing can also release lead dust. NoVA Environmental Solutions is there to test for lead before it can be impacted, providing immediate results through XRF testing, and providing a risk assessment by a licensed inspector and risk assessor.  

Dedicated to you and your safety, our lead-based paint inspectors are licensed in Virginia and Washington, DC  to inspect your property’s interior, exterior, and soil for lead. 

If you are concerned with lead paint in your property, please contact us. 

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Why Lead Paint Testing is Important 

Why Lead Paint Testing is Important 

Before being banned by the federal government, lead-based paint was commonly used in homes, childcare facilities, apartments, commercial buildings and government structures. 

We know that lead is highly toxic and can cause serious health problems including damage to the kidneys, brain, nerves and blood if absorbed by the body. In fact, exposure to high amounts of lead can have extremely serious outcomes. 

While lead-based paint is usually not a hazard if it is in good condition, deteriorating lead paint can pose an immediate and considerable risk.  

In many states, there are strict rules and regulations when it comes to Lead. In Washington, DC, The District’s law (Lead-Hazard Prevention and Elimination Act) establishes that any paint in or on a pre-1978 residential property or “child-occupied facility” (including daycares, kindergarten classrooms, or preschools, provided they host children under six years of age on a regular basis) is presumed to be lead-based paint. This means that any paint in or on such a property that is not in intact condition is automatically considered to be a lead-based paint hazard.  

Our licensed lead inspectors and lead risk assessors can perform the lead paint inspections and lead sampling that you need to remain in compliance with the District of Columbia’s Lead Regulations 

If you are planning a renovation or demolition of a structure, or if you require a lead paint inspection and risk assessment,  NoVA Environmental Solutions can provide the lead paint inspections that you need.