NoVA Environmental Solutions is dedicated to the recognition and evaluation of environmental issues arising from the home or work place that may affect the well being of you or others.

Mold Testing

One of the most common sources of moisture that causes indoor mold growth is Relative Humidity.

Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos has been found to pose a serious health risk when fibers become airborne.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Poor ventilation or air circulation, and other factors can allow pollutants to affect our homes or workplace.

Water Testing

Concerned about the quality your drinking water? NoVA Environmental Solutions can help with our water testing capabilities.

Bacteria Testing

Most bacteria are harmless and many of them are beneficial; however, there are certain types of infectious bacteria that can pose serious health threats.

Industrial Hygiene

Consists of conducting technical complex environmental inspections to determine compliance with applicable statutes, rules and standards…

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