NoVA Environmental Solutions has a team of licensed and accredited asbestos project monitors that provides asbestos air monitoring, project monitoring, clearance sampling, and on-site Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) air sample analysis for immediate turnaround time.

Our team members who analyze air samples have all completed the NIOSH 582 or NIOSH 582 Equivalency Course.

Schools, facility managers, contractors, and homeowners are often faced with renovations or repairs that could impact asbestos-containing materials, everything from vinyl flooring and mastics, pipe and wall insulation or drywall and ceiling texture, fireproofing sprays, plasters, and more. Builders, plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs and laborers doing the repairs or renovations could impact these asbestos-containing materials, especially in structures built before 1981.

To protect these trades and the occupants of buildings and homes from contamination and potential disease, NoVA Environmental Solutions monitors abatement companies that remove the asbestos.

An Asbestos Project Monitor observes and monitors the activities of an asbestos abatement contractor on asbestos projects to determine that proper work practices are used and compliance with all asbestos laws and regulations is maintained, and collects environmental air samples during the asbestos project, performs visual inspections of the work area, and collects final clearance air samples at the completion of asbestos removal activities by using the PCM and/or Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) methods. We then provide our clients with a Final Close-Out Report, which documents all activities that occurred during the asbestos abatement project, includes all air sample analysis, and provides a written clearance statement that meets all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

NoVA Environmental Solutions (dba Geller Environmental Labs) is a licensed asbestos analytical laboratory and rated as “proficient” in the IHPAT Program and maintains training and quality control documentation necessary to demonstrate competency in performing onsite analysis.

So, whether it is a large abatement project in a 100,000 square foot facility or in a residential basement, NoVA Environmental Solutions will ensure that the asbestos abatement project is a success.

Danger Asbestos May Cause Cancer

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