10 Unexpected Places Mold is Hiding

1. Ceiling tiles

Condensation and humidity can build up on your ceiling, attracting mold. If you have an attic, you might not notice leaks in your roof that can eventually create water damage that leaks through to your ceiling tiles. The moisture from the water damage creates the perfect home for mold to grow.

2. Under your sink

Many sinks have cabinets under them where people store extra shampoo, cleaning supplies, etc. These cabinets are often overlooked during cleaning so it’s easy for water damage to go undetected. A combination of the moisture and the dark environment is another place where mold can easily grow.

3. Your child’s toys and sippy cups

Recently there has been a lot of media attention around mold growing in children’s sippy cup lids and toys. There’s no doubt that this is due to the amount of moisture that gets trapped in these for long periods of time.

4. Washing machine

Many people close their washer machines when they are finished doing laundry. This doesn’t allow water that is still left in parts of your washer machine to completely dry and creates a breeding ground for mold. This is especially true for front loading washer machines.

5. Plants

House plants can make a house feel like a home. But when house plants don’t have the proper drainage after being watered, mold can grow in the damp soil.

6. Chimney

Broken chimney caps let in rain and snow, creating the perfect amount of moisture for mold to grow in. On top of that, crevices in the bricks collect water and dirt which provides mold with both moisture and food.

7. Carpet

No matter how much you vacuum, carpet fibers hold onto a lot of dust, dirt, and moisture. As we’ve already established, a mixture of dirt and moisture provides mold with both the environment it needs to grow and the food it needs to continue to thrive.

8. Windows

In the same way that the cabinets under your sink are often overlooked during cleaning, the sashes and seals in windows are also frequently overlooked. This is unfortunate because condensation and dirt are quick to gather there and give growth to mold.

9. Wallpaper and DrywallLoudoun County Mold Testing

The glue that sticks wallpaper to the wall, holds a lot of dirt and gives mold plenty of food to live on. The cavities in the wall hold pockets of moist air, giving the mold the environment it is so fond of.

10. All over your kitchen

This is a slight exaggeration in most cases, fortunately. But rather unfortunately, your kitchen is host to many secret places that mold can be hiding. Did you know that there is a little drip pan underneath your refrigerator that catches moisture and food spills? Many people are unaware that it is even there and as a result, never clean it. That amount of moisture build up combined with all that food is the perfect place for mold to thrive. Other places mold can grow in your kitchen include your blender, the bottom of your sponge holders, and dishes that are stacked and put away before they are fully dry and left for long periods of time.

If you suspect that you may have mold in any of these places or even somewhere else, you should contact an expert at Nova Environmental Solutions immediately by calling (540) 645-6141. Mold can be harmful to your health and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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